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How Close to My Property Line Can I Build?


One question we get asked frequently is “How close can I build to my property line?”  The answer to that depends mainly on your local zoning and building codes.  Setbacks (the distance a house/structure must be from a property line) are usually enforced by a local municipality (city government) zoning authority.  Zoning regulations divide lands into different classification types and specify restrictions accordingly.  Therefore, you must research the zoning district that you live in.

Here in Gillette, we have four main types: agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial zones. The residential zones are further divided into districts such as rural, suburban, single family, multifamily, mobile home, etc.  Each district has its own list of regulations regarding land use, location of buildings and structures, etc.

You can contact the City to determine the zoning of your property.  In addition, you can view an interactive version of the City of Gillette’s official zoning map online here.

The Zoning Ordinances for Gillette allow you to look up the district standards for the zone that you live in.  For example, in a district such as Suburban Residential, the intent is for the area to have a lower density of structures, so the setbacks call for the primary structure to have a setback of 40 feet in the front yard, 15 feet on the sides, and 40 feet in the back yard.  In contrast, the Single-Family Residential district has a higher density of structures, so it allows for setbacks of 20 feet in the front, 5 feet on the sides, and 5 feet in the back yard.  Accessory structures have smaller setbacks in both cases.

The City of Gillette also provides an interactive map of the city that allows you to zoom in to your property and turn on and off various layers including setbacks (main and accessory), easements, etc. Keep in mind that these lines are approximate and for display purposes only.  Bottom line: You should definitely contact a qualified land surveyor if you need to accurately locate your property lines!

What if you live outside of the city limits?  Same thing, just go through the County to get the information you need about zoning.  Campbell County’s zoning information is located here.  Keep in mind, we do not have county-wide zoning; most of the zoned areas are located around Gillette and Wright.

Comment below or contact us if you have additional questions about your property lines!


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