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Pipeline Surveying

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Land Surveying Incorportated’s Pipeline Surveying services are designed to help clients with the planning, execution, and compliance of their pipeline projects. By performing a survey of the land prior to construction, we work with our clients to survey the routing and placement of pipelines.  Identifying potential problems ahead of time can save time and money down the road. When ready for construction of the pipeline, we can provide staking on the ground to indicate where the pipeline construction will occur.  Finally, after construction of the pipeline, our surveyors, drafters, and GIS specialists will work together to provide the maps, platting, and geospatial information required for pipeline compliance. 

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Pipeline Construction

Planning and documenting your pipeline

Our Pipeline Surveys can help you every step of the way from planning to execution.  We offer the following services for our pipeline clients:

  • Boundary Survey – to determine boundaries of land ownership divisions
  • Preliminary Survey – survey the preliminary pipeline route, identifying surrounding features such as other existing pipelines in the vicinity
  • Preliminary Exhibits – Vicinity sketch that shows the distance of the pipeline on each landowner
  • Bore Exhibit – shows the start and end of a bore and a profile view showing the depth of the pipeline
  • Construction Staking – Provide centerline and Right-Of-Way stakes in the field 
  • After-Built Survey – Survey of the after-built pipeline for final exhibits
  • After-Built Exhibits  – Signed Plat showing the existing utility corridor/ROW with distances/directions of the centerline, acreage of the corridor. This ensures that the final pipeline’s placement complies with any requirements that were established earlier in the process.
  • Underground Weld Mapping – During an open-ditch survey, we track pipe and weld information in order to provide a complete database of underground pipe features. 
  • GIS/Database – Provide the final as-built data points in KMZ, Shapefile, or GeoDatabase format as needed

Trust LSI With Your Next Pipeline Surveying Project

Pipeline Surveying is a specialized type of surveying that is used to map the location, elevation, as well as the underground and aboveground features of pipelines. It is important to have a professional perform this type of survey, as it requires a high level of accuracy and precision. 

When it comes to Pipeline Surveying, it is important to choose a professional you can trust. Land Surveying Incorporated has over 30 years of experience performing pipeline as well as oil and gas surveys, so you can rest assured that your pipeline project will be in good hands. Contact us today for more information on our Pipeline Surveying services!

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