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Boundary Surveying

Land Surveying Incorporated provides boundary surveys to help you determine the exact boundaries of your property. This is important for a number of reasons, including:

– Determining if you are within your legal boundaries

– Settling disputes with neighbors

– Preparing for or contesting a tax assessment

– Planning new construction or renovations

– Establishing rights of way or easements

A boundary survey can provide peace of mind and clarity about where your property lines are. Land Surveying Incorporated has the experience and expertise to accurately map your boundaries and deliver a comprehensive report detailing our findings. Contact us today to discuss your project!

Corner Of Fenceline And Property Line

Boundary Surveys Done Right

Boundary surveying is the process of establishing, defining, and marking the boundaries of properties. It is a crucial part of the land development process, and it ensures that properties are properly defined and protected. Land Surveying Incorporated offers comprehensive boundary surveying services that can help you protect your property and ensure that your development project goes smoothly.

Our experienced surveyors will accurately map out your property boundaries and mark them, if desired, with professionally installed markers. We can also prepare a detailed report that outlines our findings and provides recommendations for how to proceed. With our help, you can be sure that your property is properly defined and protected.

LSI your Trusted Surveying Partner

Having a Boundary Survey done by a professional land surveyor will help to ensure that you have all the accurate information you need about your property boundaries.

Some of the benefits of having a Boundary Survey performed by a professional include:

  1. Knowing exactly where your property boundaries are located can help to prevent disputes with neighbors over land ownership or use.
  2. A Boundary Survey can help to ensure that you adhere to local zoning ordinances and regulations when planning any construction or improvements on your property.
  3. If you are considering buying or selling property, having a Boundary Survey done can provide important information about the size and shape of the property, as well as its legal description.
  4. A Boundary Survey can be used as part of a due diligence process when purchasing property.
  5. If you are ever in doubt about the location of your property boundaries, it is always best to have a Boundary Survey performed by a professional.

Contact LSI today to discuss your Boundary Survey project and request an estimate.

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