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Oil and Gas Well Staking

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Oil and Gas Well Staking Services

Oil and gas well staking is an important part of the planning process in a drilling program. When done correctly, it can help companies avoid potential problems with their wells and ensure that they are drilling in the right spot. It’s important to hire a qualified surveying company to perform this service, as it requires specialized knowledge and equipment.

At Land Surveying Incorporated, we work closely with our clients to determine the desired well pad size and location of access roads to your well site. Our land surveyors, drafting, and GIS teams work together to prepare full packages including well plats, grading and cut/fill diagrams, surface use plans, and more.

Oil and Gas Well Staking: Expertise You Can Count On

When you are looking to stake a well, it is important to have a surveying company on your side that understands the process and has the experience to get the job done efficiently. Oil and gas drilling can be a complicated process, but with the help of the right land survey company, you can prevent potential problems down the road.

A land surveyor will be able to accurately measure and map the land and provide the necessary information to place, design, and build an oil and gas well pad. Additionally, land surveyors are also able to create accurate representations of the area, including any existing infrastructure, which can be used during the conceptual layout process. 

In addition to our expertise in staking wells and the Oil and Gas Industry, Land Surveying Incorporated can also provide you with other services such as Topographic Mapping, Boundary Surveys, Drone Surveying, and more. We would be happy to discuss our services with you and answer any questions you may have.

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