Land Surveying Inc.

Drones as a Tool in Your Industry

Land Surveying Incorporated uses both traditional, time-tested survey methods along with innovative new technologies to address today’s challenges. You may have heard of drones and Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), but aren’t convinced that they could be of any use to you. It’s time to adjust your thinking. Drones are no longer just toys for enthusiasts – they are serious TOOLS that can help you in your business.

Welcome to the new era in land surveying, where we can use UAS to collect large amounts of data in a timely, safe, and reliable manner. Here are some reasons why UAS/drones are a great tool for performing land surveys.

Safety. No need to send a surveyor out into hard-to-reach areas, including hazardous or steep terrain to collect the information.

Ability to cover a large area quickly. Data that would take a field survey crew several days in the field can be collected in a matter of hours.

Detailed modeling. With UAS, we can collect data from a variety of viewpoints and angles, and use software to make 3D models of any feature, including landscapes, buildings, or equipment.

LSI currently has two qualified UAS remote pilots and two drones.

The Trimble UX5-HP fixed-wing UAS is designed for photogrammetric applications.  It is equipped with a high-resolution camera and is capable of one-half inch per pixel resolution photos.
The newly released Wind 8 Octocopter is equipped with a video camera and methane gas and natural gas detector.  This high-powered drone is the first in our region to offer a solution for methane and natural gas detection along pipelines, compressor sites, or other areas of exposure.

Final Thoughts

UAS and drones are a game changer in the land surveying industry.  Whether your project is a 50-mile long pipeline, a single well construction site, or a reclaimed area at a mining site, give us a call today to talk about how we can provide innovative solutions to your challenges, for a price point and timeline that you never imagined possible.